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Our team of editors is happy to receive your feedback, questions or comments about Andorra and this web site. Before you contact us, please consult these frequently asked topics:


  • Group hotel reservations (for new reservations)
    For group reservations of 10 and more persons, conference and congress service, please request a group hotel reservation, which will be handled by a specialized travel agent. For small groups under 10 persons, please use the online hotel reservation system.


  • Need accommodation (for new reservations)
    If you look for hotels or vacation apartments you are welcome to search featured database of hotels and vacation apartments. Hotel reservations are provided in cooperation with the best booking engines in Andorra and vacation apartments are rented by renowned apartment agencies. We do not keep direct telephone or fax contacts for the hotels, so we cannot assist with that.


  • Lost hotel confirmation, changes and cancellation
    There are several reservation systems featured at our web site for quality hotels, apartments, airport shuttle and other services. It is therefore neccessary to contact the right company in order to cancel your reservation. does not keep your reservation details for hotels, but we do refer the reservation providers instead.


  • Brochures and printed maps
    We do not distribute paper materials - it is both unecological and costly. All the information we have included at our web site and please consult the individual categories or use the search tool. For maps please print out our street map of Andorra. If you really need printed materials, you may consider to contact the tourist office.


  • Routes and directions
    The easiest way to find the direction to your hotel or to the address you see is to use our online interactive map tool. You can easily locate your address, or plan your route.


  • Jobs and relocation
    Our community and students sections deal with these issues. If you are looking for a job (other than those few job vacancies advertised directly with, please do not contact us but rather use the free classifieds board to place an advertisement. Please note, the ad must be exclusively related to Andorra, and that you could receive a lot of spam and offers from individuals.


  • Tourist visas and travel documents
    For any such official information the best way is to contact the Andorran embassy in your country, or your country's embassy in Spain.


  • We regret but cannot help you with ...
    We are not able to investigate on legal, personal, health or business issues, particularly but not restricted to: how to become a prostitute, how to buy prescription drugs without a precription, etc. you can imagine. For such cases we advise to search for the answer further over the Internet or contact appropriate authority or institution. Thank you for understanding.


  • Scams and frauds
    If you got a message from a email account that you won a lottery, or if you have million of dollars from Africa or elsewhere waiting for you in the bank, please use your sober judgement to identify this is a fraud and don't bother us please. We will never send such an email.


  • Contact the editors
    If you have any questions or comments about our web site, please contact one of the editors who will be happy to give you his/her personal opinions. Thank you for your feedback.

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